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Individual Health Insurance

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Affordable Insurance

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affordable insurance
How will the Obama health care people determine what I can afford for Health Insurance?

The Obama administration has promised that we all will have affordable insurance when his new plan takes effect. How do they determine this? Do I tell them what I can afford and they send a list of companies that have insurance for that price, or are they just going to say “this is price and we are telling you that you can afford it”.

i’d like to know, too. but at this point, i don’t care because by the time obamacare kicks in, i will be old enough for Medicare. until then, i’d better not get sick because i own a house, and it is my home.

they could just make an extra line in the form 1040 that asks for what you pay for Health Insurance, and if it is more than 10% of your net income, just send you the difference in a refund.

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