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Individual Dental Health Insurance

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What insurance companies should I look for?

So I’m 21 and am looking for Health Insurance. I don’t work and only go to school part time. What Health Insurance should i look for that will offer good coverage and a low pay? Free will be great but whatever works. Thank you!

Only you can determine what is the Best Health Insurance plan. I say that because you are the one that has to make the decision of what the right balance is between affordability and policy benefits.

For example, if you choose a plan that covers everything i.e. doctors office visits, prescription drugs, preventative health benefits, maternity coverage as well as low deductibles, low co-pays and optional vision and dental benefits your monthly premiums will be significant. Is the most comprehensive policy coverage the Best Health Insurance? You have to decide.

On the other hand because you are young, presumably healthy and probably use the health care system sparingly you could consider a Health Savings Account plan that covers only the major health catastrophe. Is this approach the Best Health Insurance Policy? You have to decide.

If you’d rather have more comprehensive Individual Health Insurance coverage, such as preventive care coverage, consider a PPO or Hmo plan with a lower deductible. Consider higher co-pays for doctor’s office visits and perhaps not cover prescription drugs. Either of these approaches will result in a lower monthly premium. You then can use the monthly premium savings to pay for the occasional doctor visit or prescription and still come out ahead. Is this approach the Best Health Insurance Policy? You have to decide.

You need a trusted adviser to help you through the process of Purchasing Health Insurance so that you understand what you are purchasing. That adviser can answer questions as to what is and is not covered by the policy, explain deductibles and co-pays and show you the hospitals and doctors that participate in the network. Armed with knowledge of the coverage available and the associated costs you can decide what is the “best” policy. Check with the agent that writes your home or auto insurance he/she can provide you a health insurance proposal that takes into account your budget and health situation.

Some are going to suggest you go to their web site so that they earn a few pennies on a “click through”. Some may suggest going on line to get a quote but you probably already know that there is more to a Good Health Insurance policy than price. Use the Internet to educate yourself but use an agent to purchase the coverage.

Any suggestions on a Dental Plan or Individual Health Insurance pIan?

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