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Individual Health Insurance

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If I am married, do I have to add my husband to my car insurance?

I live in Dallas, TX and am trying to get full coverage on a vehicle thai I am still paying on. I am the only one who drives the vehicle to work and back, adding my husband makes my monthly payment ridiculous because he has had an accident and 2 tickets. Do I have to add him on my policy? Some people say yes and some say no, I am confused….Also, does anyone know of the most Affordable Insurance in the Dallas area?

Most insurance companies require all licensed drivers in the household to be listed on the policy as potential drivers(even if they don’t drive the car). Contact your insurance carrier. Some have an option to remove the other drivers from the policy but you have to sign an affidavit saying he will not drive the car and the car will not be covered if he does. You are also legally liable if you let him drive the car after signing this.

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