Individual Health Insurance

Individual Health Insurance

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What is stopping competition in medical insurance field?

Aetna, Cigna, United Health Care, Kaiser (for example) are licensed to sell insurance in all 50 states , what exactly stopping them to compete with each other ?

Personal Experience…I would recommend to anyone looking for sub-par health care to try and get Kaiser. I used to live in Oregon. I was 21 and not very smart and thought what a great deal Kaiser was. The co-pay is 5 dollars and they cover everything!! Great sign me up!!! and so I did and when I found out I was expecting my first child my Husband and I thought how smart we were because we had such great insurance!!!
Well I paid my 5 dollar co-pays and went to my appointments and soon came the day for the ultrasound to check the health of my baby. It was a Friday around 4 when we went in to the hospital. The tech got really clear shots and suddenly excused herself and left the room. She returned with a genetic specialist who told us there was something wrong and to please come to her office. The hospital was empty, all offices were closed everyone had left for the weekend. She told us that there were cysts on our daughters head and that she had Edwards Syndrome which is a chromosonal defect that will kill my baby by age two. She sent us home for the weekend to consider termination and said I should try to call my doctor on Monday. MONDAY ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME???? After the worst weekend of my life I went to OHSU for a second ultra sound and second opinion. The tech there took one look on the monitor and said,”I am so sorry…your baby is fine, perfect,health and very normal.”
But…they told me?? …”They do this from time to time, to cover themselves from lawsuits, your baby does have cycsts on her head, but they are common and should go away before birth.” I mistakenly thought …wow that was a close one! I’m sure it was a fluke, something like that won’t happen again…..
Delivery day and I spent 4 hours pushing with no luck. My “doctor” had not showed up, but why should he…the baby wasn’t comming yet. When my doctor showed up he angrily said to the nurse,”Get me an episeodomy kit now!” and he reasurred me that my baby was going to be here in a second. As soon as he performed the episiodomy my baby shot right out! I learned after that the hospital was trying to keep costs down and episodomy was just getting to expensive.
I have 4 children….only one thank goodness was born under Kaiser care, I wised up and I hope you read this and take my advise. You get what you pay for and if you are on a government or state plan, what is the doctors or hospitals incentive to treat you like a real person…your stuck with them who are you going to complain to….Obama?

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