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Recommended Health Insurance for S-Corporation?

Hi, I have an S-Corp but use my husband’s health Insurance From his J.O.B. and of course as usual they are trying to stiff him again. They are changing the health Insurance Benefits to a high deductive Health Insurance plan. So I am now looking to find a health insurance that I can use through my S-Corporation to insure our family.

Does anyone have a Health Insurance Company that you use for your Corporation?

Make sure and compare quotes from a large and well known company with a big network of physicians and hospitals.

Some of the top Health Insurance Companies (that offer solid plans for those who are self employed or S-Corp owners) include:

United Healthcare

Blue Cross Blue Shield


Humana One



Here is some more information on finding the Best Health Insurance for small business and the self employed:

Self Employed Health Insurance – Kentucky Individual Care

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July 6th, 2013 at 12:18 am

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