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Affordable Family Health Insurance

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affordable family health insurance
what is a good Family Health Insurance plan?

I am Looking For Affordable Health Insurance for my family. 2 adults and 3 children. My husbands job moves alot so we need something that has national coverage and we are not interested in the health care discount plans. we are looking for a Heath Insurance plan with low dr visit copay’s and a prescription drug plan. If any one knows of one pls leave me the information. Right now we are in Texas and we have a home address in Tennessee. Thanks

If you are a permanent resident in TN you will need a policy from TN. If you move around a lot the best policy would be an indemnity, which is a policy that will allow you to select any doctor anywhere. However, indemnity plans cost much more than network plans so they may not fall into your definition of “affordable”. Also, fewer companies offer these plans.

Your second choice would be a PPO, which allows you to go outside of the network. Your costs will be higher outside of the network and most plans have a separate out of network deductible so, although the premium would be lower than an indemnity, using the policy may not be “affordable”. You may or may not be able to use the network in different states, depending on the state and the plan.

You’ll need to talk with a local TN agent that works with all the major companies to find the plan that’s best for you. If you know the states you may move to the agent can find out how each plan would work in each state. There is no extra charge using an agent. If you talk with a TX agent they may or may not be licensed in TN.

Affordable Family Health Care Insurance

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