Individual Health Insurance

Individual Health Insurance

Affordable Health Insurance Georgia

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I need help Finding Health Insurance for my mom in Georgia.?

My mom is 46 and her job does not supply Health Insurance. She does not make a lot of money at all and she has a skin disease that needs treatment. Paying $200 a month for health insurance is out of the question. Does anyone know of an affordable plan that would allow her to see a doctor and get the treatment she needs?? Thanks!

Local health offices have the authority to stretch the rules if they see fit. These offices can direct you to local nonprofit organizations or groups that can give you the care you need at the price you can afford. Contact your county office of public health listed in your telephone book or your state Department of Health.

Medicaid may help. For more information, or to find information on each State’s Medicaid program, check out the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)

Low Cost Georgia Health Insurance Plans

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