Individual Health Insurance

Individual Health Insurance

Affordable Health Insurance In Florida

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How do you Find Affordable Health Insurance?

I have a friend of mine who lives in Florida. He had open heart surgery a few years ago. After the surgery was done, the Dr walked in the room and told my friend he really never needed the surgery to begin with. He is trying to Find Health Insurance and he is having trouble finding it because of his heart condition even though now he doesn’t have one. Most of the Health Insurance Companies want more then $1500 a month to insure him. How does he find Affordable Insurance in the US?

I beg to differ with Heather. The pre-existing clause in the portability act only refers to group policies. Individual policies will usually look back 5 – 10 years for surgeries and heart conditions. They can choose to decline you, rider the condtion for a period of time (1 year to permanent) or increase the premium, as you are finding out.

You can try increasing the deductible. A higher deductible can result in a much lower premium. Your only other options would be Medicaid or a medical discount plan. Be very wary of these plans. They are not regulated by the Department of Insurance nor do the people that sell them need to be licensed. This means you have little recourse when you have problems with the plan. If you are tempted by the low price and claims of “save up to 80%” be aware that very few doctors actually take these cards. It does you little good if you have to drive 4 hours to find a doctor that will accept the card. Montana couldn’t find any doctors in the whole state that actually took the card and only one dentist who was on probation for unlawful activities so they banned the sale of the card and fined the company. See this link for more information. Many other states are starting to ban these cards as well.

Before signing up with any discount plan get a list of doctors. If they won’t give you a list consider it to be a scam. Call the doctors on the list to make sure they’re still taking the card (many don’t even know that they’re listed as a provider) and that they’re accepting new patients.

How To Get Affordable Health Insurance In Florida

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