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How far is the University of Southern California from downtown L.A.? Where exactly is Pasadena located?

In what areas of L.A. are good houses affordable for medical doctors, say pediatrician? Thanks a lot.

USC is about 10 minute south from the area of downtown where all the big buildings are, like near Grand Ave and 3rd St. Keck is about 10 minutes east.

Pasadena is north of downtown LA. Depending on the area one lives in Pasadena, it can take about 20 – 30 minutes on the freeway if traffic isn’t too bad. Not a bad drive for LA.

Pasadena is a good size city and has a wide variety of apt, condos and homes. From very modest to mansions. Where you would live would depend on if you are single or have a family and how much you would want to spend, what style of living you prefer. Lots of doctors live in Pasadena who teach/have privileges at USC or are peds. There are a lot of peds in Pasadena and the surrounding areas. The only issue with Pasadena is that many (all?) of the doctors I know that live in Pasadena send their kids to private school, so that is an added expense. The public schools are not very good, although there are some good elementary schools.

Other popular areas with physicians around Pasadena are the nice areas of Altadena (it’s sorta like part of Pasadena), Sierra Madre (next to Pasadena), Arcadia (very good public schools, on the more expensive side), La Canada (excellent public schools, expensive), San Marino (excellent public schools, expensive), Glendale (good public schools, very mixed).

If you’re single, you might want to live toward the westside of LA (going toward the beach) in a condo or apt, which likely will be more expensive. It depends on if you like to save towards a home or have a more expensive apt, what your income will be, what you like to do (more night life on the westside), etc. Comparable homes on the westside will be more expensive than around Pasadena, like in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, etc. Sometimes twice as much.

It really depends on your practice what your income will be. My son’s ped group broke up several years ago because his ped and several others in the group couldn’t afford to take Hmo insurance anymore. He didn’t want to limit his time with patients like he would have to under the Hmo contracts. And he really was not appropriately compensated. Most of the peds who started the PPO/cash only practice are single, or have young families, and they are far from retirement. Generally their clients have good insurance, it’s tougher in areas where the families don’t have good insurance or medi-cal.

Here are real estate websites to give you some ideas.

Good luck!

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November 1st, 2013 at 1:03 am

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