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Visitors Medical Insurance for Visiting USA & Canada

There are over Two million people of Indian origin residing in the United States and Canada.  This Indian expatriate community has grown over the decades and are in different professions.  Quite often their parents and other family members residing in India visit them. Parents traveling overseas from India to visit their children and grandchildren require Visitors Medical Insurance.

Health care is very expensive in these developed nations.  Calamities and pandemics across the globe are also common these days. For example the ‘Swine Flu’, can infect anyone around the globe.  The US has declared this a medical emergency, and it is a concern for all travelers to the US.  Parents, during their old age have to be careful about their health particularly when they are outside their familiar surroundings. They need proper medical insurance coverage as falling ill or getting injured is not predictable.

Parents Visitors Insurance is very crucial to defend oneself from financial crisis during a medical emergency. The availability of wide range of insurance products on NRIOL’ international insurance channel enables you to decide the policy according to your age group. Visitors Insurance Plans are distinguished as fixed and comprehensive plans.

Travelers in their 80+ age can also be covered under visitor Travel Insurance up to $50,000. Diplomat America or Diplomat Long-Term policy underwritten by AIG is two comprehensive plans available while Inbound USA and Inbound Hospital are two fixed benefit plan options. These plans are available for travelers irrespective of one’s age. Those who are in their seventies can get coverage up to $100,000 maximum, which is the highest value available for this age group.   Many other factors need to be considered before buying visitors medical insurance, including:

Fixed & Comprehensive plans: First factor to be considered while buying visitors insurance is to learn whether it is fixed or comprehensive.  Some of the insurers offer both fixed and comprehensive visitors Insurance Plans, while others offer one of these. In ‘fixed benefit’ each medical expenses has limited coverage. The premiums are low in this plan and also partial in coverage benefits. In contrast to this plan ‘comprehensive benefit’ is far more productive. Your multiple claims are settled to maximum limit as mentioned by the insurer you deal with. With comprehensive visitor insurance plan, the insurer would allow you to utilize entire policy benefit amount if necessary for the single illness.

Maximum Coverage:  Look for visitors Travel Insurance plans that has highest sum assured. Maximum sum assured for the insured depends on the insurance company he/she chooses.

Pre-existing Condition: the illness, injury or medical condition which existed at or during the two years immediately preceding your effective date is called as pre-existing conditions. Most of visitor insurance plans do not cover for pre-existing diseases but there are distinct plans like Atlas America Insurance which cover for pre-existing conditions for life threatening situations.

Deductible:  Deductible is one of the criteria while choosing visitor insurance plan. You may be asked to pay deductible ranging from $0 to $2500. The higher you pay deductible, less will be the premium. Determining how much you spend on health care you can decide whether to buy low or high deductible.

Renewability:  ‘Renewable’ policy allows the traveler to stay peacefully having the confidence that their policy will not expire before starting back to one’s home country.  Before deciding the policy as the best according to your needs make sure that there is possibility of renewing in case you prefer in future.

Terms & Conditions: every insurance company maintains its own terms and conditions. Consumers must be aware of the terms and conditions before buying. Keeping all these factors in mind evaluate different visitors Medical Insurance Plans by various providers in NRIOL’s insurance channel.

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Compare visitors insurance plans and buy the best one that suits your requirements. Visitors Medical Insurance enables you to peacefully enjoy your overseas stay.

Origins of America’s Healthcare Crisis – Jonathan Cohn

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