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Individual Health Insurance

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best health insurance for individuals
What company and what plan is best for individual Self Employed Health Insurance in Arizona?

Looking to get a different insurance carrier as a self employed person in Arizona. Looking for input on what company and what plan is best. Thank you.

I am a Realtor and have been running into this problem for years. I would find quotes, then apply, and they would then come back to me with an outrageous rate based on the fact that I had a heart murmur on my medical history records. I recieved an email from a company called HR Trust who came up with a neat idea in order to bring back corporate benefits to self employed individuals.

Thier website is In short they are able to give you an employer through whom you can get true group health benefits with rates that are not based on your health condition or geographic location.

Here is how it works:

HR Trust hires you and then contracts you back to your own self employed business as an assistant. In my case as the Realtor I am simply considered the onsite manager of the HR Trust Contract Employee this is myself. I am billed once a month from HR Trust for the management of thier “employee.” This management fee is comprised of the “employee’s” health benefits costs, the management fee, and the net payroll and payroll taxes. However, the payroll and payroll taxes equal zero because as an HR Trust contract employee my gross payroll equals my health benefits costs and when HR Trust Deducts the health benefits costs from my gross payroll I am left with a net zero pay and taxable income amount of zero. This works much like a temporary agency setting. You can imagine HR Trust like an agency who trains and hires assistants and then contracts them out to help out self employed people, except that assistant is the self employed individual. It is much like going to work at Starbuck’s part time to have an employer to get health benefits through.

It is also great because this is 100% tax deductible from self employment tax because I am paying a management fee to HR Trust for the management of one of thier “employees.”

They offer five Medical PPO comprehensive plans with rates that are not based on my medical history. I ended up saving 140$ a month and I also put myself on a higher gross payroll so I could put that money away in thier 401(k) that they also offer. When I hire my first real assistant I can also put her on this plan and get her health benefits as well!

It really has been a life saver for me and my family. I highly reccomend looking into thier program.

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