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Individual Health Insurance

Best Health Insurance For Individuals California

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best health insurance for individuals california
Rate these states from best to worst according to…?

States given:

New Jersey

rate it according to…
A. Job Opportunities (from best nr.1 to worst nr.8)
B. State/City Individual Income Tax (from lowest nr.1 to highest nr.8) *person’s salary $13.000 a year
C. Health Insurance cost per month (from cheapest nr.1 to most expensive nr.8)
D. Gas prices (lowest nr.1 – highest nr.8)
E. Crime rate (lowest nr.1 – highest nr.8)

Thank You for your time

Won’t do them all but…

Job opportunities: Currently MD is the best because of fed expansion, I’d say TN is likely worst.
Income tax: TN and FL have none. CA or MD the worst.
Health Insurance: Probably goes with cost of living, TN best, CA or NJ worst.
Gas: NJ best (very low gas taxes) CA worst
Crime: Not very sure TN best, CA worst?

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September 7th, 2011 at 3:42 am

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