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What are the best online medication without prescription sites?

I recently lost my Health Insurance. I have a very painful female condition and it requires very powerful pain medication like, Vicodin and Loretab. I wanted to know which are the best online sites to buy medication if you don’t have a prescription? As far as getting the real thing and all? I don’t want to go into this not knowing about the sites that are out there that will rip you off or give you the wrong medication. Thanks:-)
I also have no way of going to the doctor anymore, being that I live in a small mountain town and have no insurance. I have already been diagnosed. I just thought I’d try something before giving up. I don’t qualify for any prescription help either.

This isn’t a safe method in any way. Go to your doctor, get a diagnosis and get a prescription for some pain meds. You can get generic brands pretty cheap (I just got a 40 count Lortab 5 script filled, generic brand used for less than 25 bucks). When you go to online pharmacies you really don’t know what you are getting and could end up making things alot worse for you in the long run.
You can also sign up for discounted prescription plans like this one.. it is a free discount program, well worth looking into if you need these meds but can’t afford it. Best part of this is it can be used right away, they give you the numbers and info you need to use, before you get the actual card in the mail.

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