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Individual Health Insurance

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cat health insurance
does anyone have pet Health Insurance?

i have a cat and two dogs. i looked up some quotes and:
$140. a month for my english bulldog (13)
$40. a month for my basset hound (1.5)
$41. for my siamese cat (13)

do you find that it’s better to have the insurance?
do you know if there’s a discount for multiple pets?

Well we did have it for a while. But after paying hundreds in premiums, only to find out when you did need to use it you need to pay vet bill first and the submit the bills to insurance company and wait for them to decide what portion they will pay. To only receive a check for less then half of what the vet bill was, because most of the charges were not covered by Insurance we decided to just let it drop and place money in to a savings account and cal lit emergency dog fund.

I for one do not feel that it is worth what they charge.

My Cats Health Insurance – Chick Comedy

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