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Health Insurance Companies in Florida that only ask for 5 years of information?

I was wondering if there are any Health Insurance Companies that only ask for medical information in the past 5 years. I know the majority of the companies ask for 10 years of medical history. But, I have also heard there are a few that only require information for 5 years on the application. Any help would be appreciated.

Call and talk to a agent for info. Some companies will have you list every doctor seen with the address, phone, fax etc. So even if you saw 1 doctor only 1 time, may forget or have to dig thu your records for the name of the doctor and info.

But as a general rule, all companies will have a list of 6 questions that specifically ask you by a yes/no answer if you have been treated or diagnosed with heart, circulatory, lungs, diabetes etc in the last 5 to 10 years, and if so, then you would have to list the doctor.

The reason for the agent, is that they can ask you questions that may or may not affect you Finding Health Insurance period. They will know which companies are best or if there is a problem you will know upfront and they can give you other options.

good luck

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