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Individual Health Insurance

Free Medical Benefits

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free medical benefits
Are there any free Medical Benefits that can be claimed in America?

If you lived in the state of Georgia and could not afford medical insurance are there any free benefits that can be claimed or would you need to hire a lawyer to apply for them from the government? I’m working on some coursework in the UK and I would appreciate some help.

Free Medical Benefits from the government are based on either age, disability or income. You would not need a lawyer to apply for them, just head down to the nearest department of health and human services to see if you would qualify.
Also most states have county health offices that provide family planning services, childhood screening and immunizations and other public health prevention services such as flu shots. There is sometimes a small fee but usually service is not dependent on the ability to pay.
In some locations, there are also free clinics.
A lawyer would not be needed to get any of these services unless perhaps you feel that you are unfairly denied and need to appeal or sue.

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