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Who to contact about insurance coverage for therapist visits?

I am a full-time college student who has full Coverage Health insurance (Blue Cross through parents). I have decided to see a therapist but am not sure how insurance works with them. Do I need to contact my insurance provider to see if this specific therapist is covered by my insurance or do I need to contact the therapist first? I obviously do not want my parents involved in this; I imagine it is more expensive than the $10 co-pay’s at the doctor’s office. Help!!

Ask the therapist if he/she takes Blue Cross. Then call Blue Cross to get the approval and to find out how many visits are covered.

My insurance covers 20 visits a year, BUT, my therapist writes a letter explaining why I need more help. It has always been approved.

I’m sorry you don’t feel you can get help from your parents, but you are on the right track to seek help.

Good luck and good health.

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