Individual Health Insurance

Individual Health Insurance

Health Coverage Plan

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health coverage plan
Can you have the same Health Care Coverage as Representative Pelosi?

She passed this bill through the House, before going on August break, just like Obama asked.
So, can we get the same Health Coverage she has under this plan?

Obama wanted to give you the same coverage as Pelosi and him but as you know you and people like you in the republican party complained about it and the bill was reduced to what it is today, not as good but better then Medicare and much cheaper. If you don’t want to use it , then keep yours or purchase another. This isn’t mandatory health care. That’s the nice thing about being able to read, you can sit down and read the bill yourself, it might take a week but at least you would be able to learn the facts instead of the garbage! It amazes me how protesters get on tv and say they spent five to fifteen minutes skimming over it and are not happy with it. To read it and get threw all the legal aspects of it takes at least a week! Stay informed learn the facts not political lies

A Public-Private Health Plan: Universal Health Coverage in Switzerland

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