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How do I find a better doctor?

I am very shy in asking for what I need, so I’ve settled for a GP I don’t like. I have Medicaid insurance, and not a lot of doctors take it. I’ve gone as far as getting a list of doctors who do, calling them, & leaving messages….but no one calls back.
Please help! I have a rare disorder of the nervous system, I’m in nearly constant pain, and I’m not getting the attention I feel my case deserves. It such an interesting case, I think it deserves some care…….not the county health department.

Check it out for yourself

OK, here is what you do. I too have a rare disorder called Arnold Chiari Malformation, MS and also have had a broken neck so tell the doctor to refer you to a neurologist. A neurologist is trained to deal with anything to do with the CNS (central nervous system) and the brain. If the doctor does not do this then find another doctor and even go to the ER if you need to. Good luck and I hope that you are feeling better soon.

Going to Hospital in Australia: nib Health Insurance Explained

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