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Transgender Question! ! !?

Hi. I’m a guy. Sort of. Mentally I am not, really, and I have many mental health evaluations to back that up. Unfortunately, now that I am living in the middle of nowhere colorado springs, I do not know who to go to for support. I have realized that I am more than ready to change, and break out of this skin and into a new and more beautiful body as God had intended.

But I don’t know anyone here and don’t know which steps to take first. Does anyone have any names of any counselors or doctors who can help me with legally prescribing me hormones? And are any of these individuals persuasive enough to the insurance companies so far as convincing them that this is a necessity so that they can help alleviate some of the burden of the bills?

Actually, you are close to one of the best Doctors for SRS in the country, Marci Bowers, whose clinic is in Trindad. A little time with a good gender therapist and you should be able to get the hormones you need to feel like you . Some insurance companies seem fine with it, others don’t. I found the link below to a gender counselor in Denver. Good luck, girl.

Health Insurance Agent Colorado Springs Colorado.

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