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Individual Health Insurance

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health insurance comparison
Why does our govenment not spend more time reforming the Pharmaceutical industry rather the Health Ins. Ind.?

In 2008, Pharmaceutical profits in comparison to revenues was 19.3%. Health Insurance Industry was only 4.6%. Would it not make sense to have a pharmaceutical reform rather then concentrating on Health Insurance. If we took care of the outrageous pricing of medication, wouldn’t Health Insurances see the benefits and in turn allow the economics to push prices down. Allowing for more to have it without costing our government anything like the plan now.

Great question!
I agree with you that the Pharma needs investigation.
If medicines are given by prescription doesn’t the fact that TV ads cause people to plead with their doctors for a med that he might not suggest but will cave if pushed?
It seems that profits were said to have increased 30% since TV advertising. That is a very telling statement.
People who want to get back to work, mothers who can’t afford to take time off to take care of children are influencing doctors to over prescribe. This leads to additional problems, physical and financial.

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