Individual Health Insurance

Individual Health Insurance

Health Insurance For Individuals In Oklahoma

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We have argued about heatlh care in here a lot. Right or Wrong.?

The question I am going to ask is a simple one.
How many of you on the Left do not have any kind of Health Care Coverage.
How many of you on the right do not have any kind of Health Care Coverage.

If you don’t have it why not.
If you do have it, Is it working for you.

Just trying to understand more in depth what the base arguements are between the two
camps, Because from what I see in here all the time,. IS we agree on the fact that we do
need good reform. However we part company on this program being forced down our
throats by Obama. So realistically what would it take for You and US to agree on a good

I have private Health Insurance, I am very happy with my plan. It costs over $500 per month for the Individual Plan.
I also have had experience with Medicare and Medicaid, I don’t want either to be my only choice in the future.
I think I would be considered a Conservative.
Try: #1, TORT reform, it isn’t the cases that go to court that are the problem, those cases usually have a serious problem to bring to light and have settled. The frivilous cases filed against Dr’s and Hospitals cost a fortune to fight so the lawyers offer the patient a settlement to walk away, the patients take $5, 10 or 20 thousand. It isn’t fair but it is the economics of medicine, it costs less to pay out someone than to pay lawyers and court fees. We need change there.
#2, If I live in Texas and there is a good plan in Oklahoma, why can’t I buy that plan? Makes no sense to me. We need to be able to Buy Insurance across state lines.
#3, When a person files for unemployment, that person is also signed up for ‘bridge Health Insurance‘ ( like that name, I made it up) That way the person would Have Health Insurance comparable to Medicare, use the same rules, make it easy, include family coverage. Charge the unemployment funds, not Social Security/Medicare to pay for the coverage.
#4, If you don’t work, you will qualify for ‘bridge health insurance’ because if you have no income you must be on some form of family assistance, so you will qualify. If you don’t file for family assistance, either you do have income and don’t qualify or you are not a citizen and fear being found out in the filing paperwork.
Hate me if you will, the US can not provide Health Care for everyone in countries of Mexico, Ecquador and Honduras, those I am aware of, I’m sure there are more.

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