Individual Health Insurance

Individual Health Insurance

Health Insurance For Low Income Families

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Should I start looking for another job?

Here is my dilemma…I work full-time at the public library, and my husband works part-time at a restaurant. We are still a very low-income family, with only one child. We rank about 130% of the federal income guideline, but I live in a state that refuses to expand Medicaid.
Furthermore, I cannot afford the Health Insurance my employer offers at the family rate, but according to the “glitch” in the Obamacare law, I will not be able to get financial assistance because my employer offers Health Insurance.

My question is…Is it possible my employer will fire me? Should I start seeking employment elsewhere to avoid this potential catastrophe?

Thank you.

You should not have to quit. But your husband better start looking for full-time work. Without being familiar with the particulars of your situation, I think that if there were two full salaries coming in, it would greatly help.

Health Insurance In Texas for low income families?

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