Individual Health Insurance

Individual Health Insurance

Health Insurance For Unemployed Individuals

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health insurance for unemployed individuals
How is it morally acceptable to allow 40,000 people a year in the US to die entirely preventable deaths…?

In the US there aren’t enough good jobs for everyone willing to work full time. If one individual gets a secure job, it’s because another person who interviewed for the same job is still unemployed. The individual who is unemployed and without Health Insurance may well be as hard of a worker as the person who got the job.

Those who don’t have much money and do not Have Health Insurance can, quite literally, die as a result, through no fault of their own. How is it morally acceptable that a society should allow 40,000 people a year to die from a lack of health insurance, when such deaths are entirely preventable?

How can conservative ideology be morally justified?

you are talking conceptually but lots take reality. i had a friend who died for this reason. he knew he was ill an knew he couldnt afford a doctor visit. so we are missing conservatively ten years of tax revenues we would have gotten if we would have helped. i think your mistake is assuming that morality has anything to do with conservatism. they can pretend to be christian but helping the poor or sick isnt in their agenda. im not really christian but i thought those were the things that jesus did.


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