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health insurance in mn
Unsure about moving to MN closer to controlling in-laws?

My husband I just moved to NY a year ago. We are both in the Military and I exteneded my enlistment so my husband and I could both transfer to NY so he could get a better job. I am in the middle of nursing school. My husband and his family now want him to move to MN to help his father with his business and they have offered to sell us their house at half of market value. The problem is, my mother in-law is a control freak. She has gone so far as to contact insurance companies to get health indurance qoutes for my husband (we would lose our free militrary insurace). I am feeling pressured to tell his mother that I do not want to go beacuse I believe she will be upset. Or, should I just move beacuse my husband wants to and hope that she will not control our lives?

There are boundaries that can be set…if he really wants to go. Just make sure that there is an understanding between the two of you before you agree. Does he know how his mother is, or is he blind to it? I would sit down with him and talk about all the things that could happen, and how the two of you want to deal with it. Make it clear that she will not control any part of your lives…and if he wants the marraige to work, then he will have to stand firm with you on that.
Good luck!

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