Individual Health Insurance

Individual Health Insurance

Health Insurance In Pa

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health insurance in pa
What to do if you are hurt and have no Health Insurance.?

My brother-in-law has a herniated disc and collapsed disc in his back but no Health Insurance. He has gone to the ER on numerous occasions and all they will do is write prescription for steroids and pain killers. We are trying to find a way for him to get the problem fixed. All the ortho. surgeons we have tried expect payment up front or health insurance, neither of which is an option.
HELP! He is so much pain he can barely move. He is only 22 yrsd old and can’t even work or live on his own. We live near York, PA.

Has your brother in law tried applying for disability status? Is he qualified for Medicare? Social Security? How did he get injured initially? Is he a student? Has he seen a chiropractor?

40000 Pa. Residents Losing Health Insurance

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