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Individual Health Insurance

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hip health insurance
What is a reasonable Health Insurance,that covers hip replacement?

First, I caution you not to click on the link that your first answerer gave you. It may lead to your receiving spam or worse.

By “reasonable” do you mean less costly? Because insurance that gives you good, complete coverage without a lot of co-pays, lengthy waiting periods, large deductibles, or exclusion of coverage for pre-existing conditions is never going to be inexpensive. Your best bet may be to consider the coverage provided by your employer first. If you are shopping for Health Insurance on your own, good luck. Seek out a reputable Insurance Broker in your area. Don’t be surprised if a policy has issues with your pre-existing condition (i.e. a hip condition which may require surgery).
If you are on Medicare or medicaid now, your surgery would be covered. Medicare supplement insurance would cover expenses that medicare doesn’t.

US Patient Gets Affordable Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Surgery in India

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