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NJ Health Insurance question, regarding what ‘partner’ stands for?

my longtime boyfriend and i have been discussing having a child. i don’t have a job with Health Insurance, but he does. on his policy, there is an option for individual +spouse or partner and child. am i correct in assuming that by partner, they mean a same-sex partner as opposed to a long-term companion?

i am aware that child would be covered regardless, but am i not eligible for his plan unless we’re actually married?

(not sure exactly what company he has)

The definition of “partner” depends on the policy at your boyfriend’s job. Many businesses in the NY/NJ metro area include domestic partners (of the same sex as well as heterosexual couples) in the definition of “partner.” Also, you can register as a domestic couple in NJ. You need to check with the benefits coordinator at your boyfriend’s job to find out if you are covered, but you probably will be. You will need to prove that you are actually a couple, and the best way to do this is register as a domestic couple in the state of NJ.

Also, even if you are not covered under his health insurance, most states usually provide Medicaid or some similar program especially for pregnant women.

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