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individual health insurance blue cross
What legitimate insurance companies charge monthly premiums based on your Individual Health and wellness?

I am a 23-year-old female in good health, 110 pounds. I exercise regularly, eat healthy, work from home, don’t smoke, drink or do drugs. I have no health problems and just received notification that my Blue Cross Blue Shield monthly premium would be going up to $172.00/month. This is ridiculous! Does anyone know what insurance companies out there charge your monthly premium based on your Individual Health status? I have seen commercials for these, but usually don’t pay attention, because I don’t want a bogus plan… nor do I want a discount program. Anyone know a well-known company that is legit?

Wow, if you’re looking to beat $172 a month, you’re going to be hard pressed.

I mean, you can cut your premium in half, if you’re willing to take a $5,000 deductible per calendar year, but that’s about it.

ALL companies rate you based on your health, wellness, and age. You’re getting damn good rates right now. The only way to get cheaper rates is to cut your coverage, increase your deductible, or get a “scam plan”.

I recommend you always buy LOCAL. Shop through a local agent who can get you quotes with a variety of legitimate, A rated carriers, and who can help you compare and contrast coverages.

But what you’re looking for, I think, isn’t out there – just like that brand new Cadillac fresh off the lot, for $25.

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