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individual health insurance self employed
Need Health Insurance Advice For Self-Employed / Individual in North Carolina?

I am currently covered by Bcbs of NC but rates are going up and, as someone who NEVER gets sick or goes to the doctor, $300 a month seems ridiculous.

I am looking for a good (but not the best) plan by a reputable provider. Navigating it online is so tough and overwhelming and I just keep giving ip. Any tips / websites / advice is GREATLY appreciated.

I am self-employed, 27, female, average height and healthy weight with absolutely no health problems, and a non-smoker. Looking for an 80-20 plan with around a 2000-3000 deductible for less than $150 if at all possible. I am recently married but adding on to my husband’s plan is extra $400 for him.

Thanks for any help you can give me! I just don’t want to make a mistake and choose a bad plan or provider.

Look, there’s no shortcut. To cut your premium in half, you have to take on a big fat deductible. You’d need probably a $5,000 deductible to get your coverage to $150 a month.

You also probably need to consider maternity benefits – as in, if your old plan has them, and your new plan doesn’t, are you willing to ‘self pay’ for your prenatal and childbirth costs?

The person who can ask – and respond to your answers – would be a local broker. They’d know which deals are best in your area, and can help you balance coverages and costs, until you find something you can live with, AND afford.

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Written by Individual Health Insurance

August 8th, 2011 at 5:29 pm

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