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individual health insurance va
Cobra/ Health Insurance Question?

I plan to leave the small business (less then 10 employees) that I work for. I don’t think that they are required to offer cobra- but can they? What other options are available? I live in VA and I have a chronic illness so an individual policy would be unaffordable.

If you Have Health Insurance currently you can take it with you through cobra. Cobra doesnt actually have anything to do with your employer, more to do with the insurance company. Basically you will be paying the full premium for the insurance plus 2% (admin fee). And if your employer was making any contributions to your health ins plan before you left be prepared for the price you pay to jump upwards.

The main thing though is to continue the coverage (not for the obvious reasons like what if i get sick) so that when you get to a new job and start up the benefits plan there, you won’t get whacked with any pre-existing conditions waiting periods.

In any event, you can use the COBRA for up to a year in most cases (sometimes longer).

Talk with your hr / benefits coordinator or worse case call your ins company custormer service number.

Good luck.

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