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My parents are travelling from an Asian Country to USA for 2 months. Can they buy Health Insurance ?

My parents are Permanent Residents of USA. They are likely to come from an Asian country to USA. They are going to stay in USA for 2 months & after that , they will leave USA. Can they buy Health Insurance for their full trip ? From where they can buy ? Whom they need to contact ? How much it will cost ? Can they buy the Health Insurance from that Asian country & use it in USA ? What can be their best options ? Their age is above 50. Thank you.

They will need a Travel Insurance with health insurance as part of it. It is also likely that they need to have a health isurance at home as the Travel Insurance will only cover emergencies.

In many countries you can buy a travel insurance at a travel agency, insurance companies do sometimes sell them for a short period.

It is harder to buy such an insurance in a country where you travel to.

How much it costs depends on the country where you buy and what is included in the insurance, but it will be much cheaper than having to pay for a hospital stay in the USA.

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