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maternity health insurance
Can someone give me advice on good Health Insurance that offers maternity coverage??

I am looking into Individual Health Insurance because my hubby and I are trying to conceive and I don’t have any. I know I need to have it BEFORE i become pregnant. I don’t know a thing about insurance and can’t seem to find any insurance companies that offer maternity coverage…….I work for a temp agency and have worked for them for a year and a half and their insurance is astronomical so I’m looking on my own. My hubby doesn’t have insurance where he works as a mechanic so i can’t get it through his insurance. Any advice would help!!!!

First off, I’ve included links in the Source section to two online articles that do a good job of introducing you to health insurance. Secondly, Group Health Insurance is usually less expensive than buying insurance on your own, so see if your husband can get insurance through work. There might even be a mechanic organization/association that offers health insurance to its members. You might also consider starting with doctors and hospitals you’d like to work with and start your search for insurance there by seeing which Health Plans these health care providers work with.

If you need financial assistance with pregnancy and prenatal care, I’ve listed some possibilities in the Source section below. The possibilities include free clinics, county health departments, Planned Parenthood, WIC, using a birthing center instead of a hospital, and state programs for women’s health insurance. X

If you would like to consider Private Health Insurance, try using to find the plan’s that right for you. You’ll be able to research Health Insurance Rates online and you’ll be able to have offline conversations with multiple Health Insurance Agents – all without charge or obligation. Tell the agents what you need and see if they can deliver a Health Plan that’s affordable and includes the features you need.

Here are some questions to ask about a new prenatal and pregnancy Health Plan:

•Does it cover prenatal care?
•What prenatal tests are covered?
•What kind of delivery do you want to have and which types are covered?
•Is anesthesia covered?
•Does it cover nursery costs?
•Are sick and well-baby visits covered?
•How much are co-payments, if there are any?
•How much is the deductible?
•Ask to determine how much your bill would be if you used the insurance

You can find it here:

Hope this helps,

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