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Individual Health Insurance

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where can i find insurance after being denied due to pregnancy?

If you are in the US….

Chaz James & Texas Angel are incorrect. In fact most Individual Insurance policies don’t even include coverage for pregnancy. Generally it’s an additional policy you have to purchase (very expensive too!) and you have to have it in place for more than a year before you conceive before they will even cover anything.

If your place of employment (or husbands) offers group insurance and they cover pregnancy you would be eligible whether or not you are already pregnant (most do not view pregnancy as pre-existing). However, you may have to wait for an open enrollment period before they let you sign-up.

Be weary of the Maternity Card also. You have to pay a monthly premium for the card so you can receive a discount at your doctors office. Doctors that accept the card are few and far between and most doctors offer an uninsured discount to you anyway (without having to pay a monthly premium for a card!). Talk to the billing dept. at your OB’s office and the hospital. As I said, most will give you a discount rate for being uninsured, but required to be paid up-front (mine gave me 30% off and allowed me to make monthly payments).

Whether you think you qualify for it or not try applying for Medicaid for Pregnant Women. Depending on the state you live in, you can find the application on-line or you may need to call your local county health department for more info. if you can’t find it on-line. But definately apply, the worst they’ll say is no. If you are approved, they cover EVERYTHING!

You can also go to your local Planned Parenthood or County Health Department and they will steer you in the direction for lower cost doctors.

As you can probably guess from my info., I’ve been there, done that! I also managed the Medical Benefits at my last job (including the shopping and purchasing of the policy), my husbands business and have done extensive reseach on Individual Insurance policies.

Hope this info. helps! Good luck and congratulations!

Health Insurance plans that cover maternity?

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