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Individual Health Insurance

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Buy Medical Insurance Online and Plan Your Future

Extended work hours, reduced physical exercise; all round pollution, lack of a balanced diet are taking a heavy toll on our health today. People are increasingly ill due to many non-communicable diseases like high blood pressure, heart attacks, diabetes and strokes. Mostly urban population is affected by these ailments. All these factors have compelled us to be covered with Health Insurance.It is also true that medical treatment has become more expensive than it was a few years back. Many seemingly incurable diseases are within human control. There have been remarkable innovations in the field of medical science. However, all these innovations bring in a lot of expenses and therefore, cost of medical treatment has increased. It is only a few people who can independently afford to have these treatments done in a modern hospital. Many others have to look for suitable Health Plans to afford these expenses.Health is priority; therefore, nobody ignores coverage by insurance. Nowadays, you can easily avail policies through medical insurance online. We ignore the reality that we can fall ill by serious illness without warning that would ruin our savings and our peace of mind. There have been cases reported where individuals in many Indian families have sold their assets or had to let go their savings to meet health care expenses. The only way to be out of this is to be covered by Health Insurance. When you are covered with health insurance, you have to bear in mind that such a policy should provide:• Hospitalization cover that ensures that the covered Health Insurance Policy includes medical expenses that occur during hospitalization in excess of 24 hours. Expenses relating to room charges, medicine tests, doctor’s fees, surgeon’s charges and O.T charges.
• Pre and post hospitalization charges- Payments for treatments received prior to hospitalization and after discharge from hospital should be covered in your choice of Health Insurance Policy
• Cashless claims- A policy would be a choice health insurance policy if it offers this facility. In the case of a cashless claim, there is no cash transaction between the patient and the hospital. Payments to the hospital are settled between the hospital and the insurance company directly or through a Third Party Administrator (TPA).
The above benefits may also be provided as part of a family floater plan, where the entire family is covered under the same choice of health insurance policy. The insurance coverage can be shared among the family members. Several other plans such as Dental Insurance in India, Accident Insurance in India etc. are easily available online. So select the one that suits you the best and buy one today.

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Dental Insurance in India, Accident Insurance in India, etc. are various Health Plans that can be bought easily through internet from sites having information on medical insurance online.

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