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mississippi health insurance

Where to Get Cheap Mississippi Health Insurance

Mississippi Health Insurance Premiums have more than doubled in the last 10 years, and are still on the rise. But it’s still possible to find cheap Mississippi health insurance with a reliable company. Here’s how …

Low Income Health Insurance

Mississippi provides two state programs for low income families and individuals. They are:

* CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program), which provides health insurance for Mississippi children up to age 19 whose family income is less than two times the federal poverty level, and who do not qualify for Medicaid.

* Medicaid, which provides health insurance for low-income and disabled Mississippi residents.

To find out if you qualify for either of these programs, visit the Mississippi Medicaid website:

Middle and High Income Family Health Insurance

If you don’t qualify for low-income Mississippi health insurance, you have a variety of Private Health Insurance Plans available to you:

* HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations) are the Cheapest Health Insurance plans because you are assigned to a network of physicians and hospitals that you must use for your medical care. HMOs charge you a set monthly fee, and you must pay a co-payment (usually $5 to $10) when you see a physician.

* PPOs (Preferred Provider Organizations) are similar to HMOs, but cost slightly more because they allow you to see non-network physicians for an additional fee. PPOs charge you for services as they are rendered, and you pay a $5 to $10 co-payment when you see a physician.

* POSs (Point of Service Plans) are a combination of an Hmo and a PPO, and cost slighly more than either plan. Like an Hmo, you pay only a nominal fee for health care provided within the network, but like a PPO you have the advantage of seeing non-network physicians for an additional fee.

*Indemnity Plans are the most expensive Health Insurance Plans, but give you the most flexibility because you can use physicians and hospitals of your choice. Your doctors sends your bill to the insurance company who pays most of it. You usually have a deductible (the amount you must pay before you insurance company pays your bill), and you are responsible for a portion of the bill (usually 20%).

Cheap Mississippi Health Insurance

Visit or click on the following link to get Mississippi Health Insurance Rate quotes from top-rated companies and see how much you can save. You can get more insurance tips in their Articles section.

About the Author

The author, Brian Stevens, is a former insurance agent and financial consultant who has written a number of articles on Mississippi health insurance.

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