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Why are those who oppose universal healthcare are also the ones who can afford good medical insurance?

Noticed that the pundits who are so opposed to a national Health Insurance Bill for all Americans, can afford the best coverage. And yet, they do not want to see the poor or middle class receive the same benefits..

Everybody keeps yelling that the government make a mess of everything, but all it takes is one look at banks to know that less government regulation led to disaster. The same thing has happened to medical costs, drug costs, and insurance companies. Even those of us with good private insurance know that they routinely turn down doctors’ requests for tests and treatment. Recently my sister had a life-threatening emergency. Her insurance company turned down the one test that actually diagnosed her problem– the test that saved her life. I have decent insurance, but it costs me over 25% of my pension per year. And prescriptions? How in the world do drug companies justify charging over $2 a pill for Lipitor? It’s one of the most common prescriptions, and it probably only costs them pennies a pill to manufacture it. I’d take a generic, but there isn’t one.

BILL MOYERS JOURNAL | Single Payer Health Insurance | PBS

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Written by Individual Health Insurance

July 31st, 2011 at 1:04 am

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