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What are NC Health Insurance laws about pre-existing conditions, look back period, and continuous coverage?

I had an abnormal pap 17 months ago, and a normal pap 10 months ago. Bcbs NC applied a pre-existing condition exclusion for 8 months. I only had continuous coverage for approx 1 month; prior to that I was a student and ineligible for Student Health Insurance. The last time I had coverage before this was in Spring 2008.

Based on what I read online, I was under the impression that a Health Insurance Company can only legally enforce a pre-existing condition exclusion in small group membership with a look back period of 6 months. Is this contingent on continuous coverage?
I have read about the laws regarding these issues, but I was wondering if someone knows if Bcbs‘s decision sounds correct. – here is my Health Insurance Plan. As I remember they can provide such a service.

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