Individual Health Insurance

Individual Health Insurance

No Health Insurance Where To Go

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no health insurance where to go

Cheap Health Insurance: How To Save

You will be astonished to learn that close to 20% of all U.S citizens don’t Have Health Insurance of any kind. This report can be trusted because it was issued from the American Census Bureau. And this could have been worse if not for Group Health Plans that have made Health Insurance Cheap enough for most of those who have it.

This is a serious issue as this means that many Americans might be without health on account of the withdrawal of Group Health Insurance by many people. The rising cost of health care is the reason for this situation.

This suggests that for most individuals to have any form of health insurance, they’d have to provide for themselves. This means that, it will be a welcome development for such individuals if they can learn ways of reducing such Health Insurance Cost by a huge margin.. I will teach a number of ways that will help you lower your Health Insurance Costs or find cheap Health Insurance Quotes

Smoking will always attract expensive rates. It’s a well known truth that smokers are vulnerable to various health conditions and that they also die young.

This increases their risk to an insurance company and so raises their rates considerably. It’s up to you to abstain from smoking and then re-apply after twelve months if you want to see your rates brought low by 50 percent.

People with excess weight attract far higher rates than people with normal weights. Your BMI or Body Mass Index is a very important factor used to calculate your risk to a health insurance carrier.

A high Body Mass Index will always get a high rate all other things being equal. When your Body Mass Index rating is high it shows that your weight is too much for your height. And don’t think that you will get savings only when you lose 50 pounds, just dropping off a few pounds will get you lower rates provided it reduces your Body Mass Index rating.

The use of tobacco in any form will add to your rates. Chewing or snuffing tobacco, for example will cost you in higher rate.

So, you will help yourself attract more affordable rates if you stay away from tobacco use in any form.

If you elect to pay your premiums monthly, you will attract higher rates. The ads may show that monthly payments are easy but what you don’t know is how much extra you pay for this.

If you do transactions with banks you will agree with me that each check you process is considered transaction which attracts charges. Over the course of a year, your monthly checks would be processed differently because they are all separate transactions. You will then have to pay the total of twelve transaction charges.

There are also administrative costs to your insurer that result just from taking monthly payments. For example, it costs insurance companies millions of dollars annually to send out payment notices.

These and more are then included in your rate thus making it more than if you paid annually.

Here is a highly great sites for anyone who’s serious about getting adequate insurance for less: Free Insurance Quotes.
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