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Individual Health Insurance

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ohio individual health insurance
How do you get Health Insurance with a pre exisisting condition?

The company I work for does not offer insurance but will pay for an Individual Plan. I have a bone disease and walk with crutches but have not needed any medical treatment for this for over 15 years. However, I am still denied for an individual policy. I live in Ohio and need some advice here.

I don’t know if Ohio has a state sponsored high risk plan – I suspect not – but if not, you can’t get insurance.

I’d go to your employer, and tell them you’re not eligible for coverage due to pre-existing conditions – and ask them to throw that $300 a month into your paycheck instead.

I’d ALSO seriously think about switching jobs. Yes, any group plan will exclude your condition for 18 months, but cover other stuff – and after the 18 months, you’ve got regular coverage, including the bone disease.

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