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Individual Health Insurance

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public health insurance
Does your state already have a public Health Insurance option for low income folks like mine does?

We have Minncare for those up north here in Minnesota so I don’t see why we need the feds involved in our insurance.


It’s not health care they are really talking about. The Democrats are hellbent on forcing us into a plan that they voted to exempt themselves from, because it sucks and they know it. This is nothing more than a massive power grab. They are nationalizing a full 16% of the American economy and instituting massive tax increases, while giving a private company (that happened to back the Obama campaign with massive funding and that also controls numerous left wing organizations and media outlets that extol the virtues of Obama and his regime), GE unprecedented control over your private and Personal Health records, banking records (with the authority to confiscate funds from your bank accounts), income and tax records, and much more that is clearly invasive yet is to be “defined and/or implemented at some undefined point in the future”. So they give themselves the authority to confiscate whatever they want, whenever they want, from any of us, at their discretion while they give themselves top notch truly FREE healthcare, because WE pay for it 100% and they pay nothing. Talk about the goose laying the golden egg…

Student Rally for Single-Payer Health Care in Vermont

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