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self employed health insurance quote
How much should Health Insurance be costing me and my family of 4?

I am self employed and have a wife and two kids. The current Health Insurance carrier seems to help me with minumum of coverage of doctors visits. I took my kids to get school physicals. blood pressure checks, weight checks and a few minutes cost me 120.00 per physical. IS THIS RIGHT. I live in Ohio near cleveland, Can anyone give me some pointers

It really depends on what your plan allows. For example, there are some plans that offer wellness benefits (i.e. they will allow physicals up to a certain dollar amt. once a year). Also, if any member of your family has any pre-existing conditions, you may be paying more to have coverage for those conditions.

It would be in your best interest to shop around and get some quotes to find out if you’re being ripped off. And of course, with any type of insurance, the amount of your premium depends on your copays and deductibles. Also, you do NOT want a discount plan. Those are the worst. Usually, the doctors that accept those are in the worst areas of town, plus, and you get what you pay for, so to speak (discount plan, discount service, discount treatment, etc.).

Hope that helps. :o),Health Insurance, Health Insurance Quote, Health Savings Account, Self Employed Health Insurance, Individual Health Insurance, Family Health Insurance,International Health Insurance,

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