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What does personal liability cover for a homeowners insurance policy?

I’m self employed (gardening business) and have 4 employees and I have lots of customers. I’m getting a homeowners policy but I’m wondering if I should get 300K or 500K personal liability coverage. Will this coverage also cover me if someone or my customers tries to sue me? For example, I heard if my kid was at the park and if something did happen and he injured someone personal liability should cover it. So would it also cover my business if anyone sues me? Someone recommended a umbrella policy but what is that exactly and what does it cover? How much would it cost?Because I won’t have a lot of income left after my two mortgage payments and miscellaneous expenses (including business expenses). thank you in advance.

Your HO insurer will cover personal liability issues and lawsuits resulting from your ownership of a home. Business related activities are specifically excluded (some policies have an endorsement for incidental business use IE a customer drops off a check at your house). Your kid at the park should be covered (varies by state and policy..civil law stuff)

If you have a business with four employees, you should have a business GL(general liability) policy that covers a gardening business. This will defend you if your customers sue you for something you or your employees did related to gardening.

Umbrella policies vary by company; some are extensions of existing underlying coverage, others offer coverage beyond your HO and auto insurance; either way they will not cover your business.

My recommendation: get a business GL policy to cover your business and take the 500K limit on your HO policy. Later when money is not so tight, get a personnal umbrella.

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