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Individual Health Insurance

Virginia Individual Health Insurance

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When will Pre. Obama thank Virginai General Assembly for promoting his views on health care reform?

The Virginia General Assembly has given final approval to a bill that would make it illegal for the government to require individuals to Purchase Health Insurance, a measure intended to help Barack Obama with his plan of healh care reform free of individual mandates.

During last year’s primary campaign, Obama fervently proclaimed his opposition to such a measure, saying it was unfair to penalize people for failing to Buy Insurance. Moreover, he repeatedly attacked Hillary Clinton for favoring such a mandate.

There are provisions in the Senate health care bill that allows states to do their own experiments. Perhaps, this will be allowed. Here is prediction. The others states that have the individual mandate will have slower health care inflation than Virginia. Sooner or later, the Virginia General Assembly will overturn that bill.

Health Care Reform Debate

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