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Blue Cross Blue Shield

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blue cross blue shield
Will recession affect Blue Cross Blue Shield or any other insurance company?

I have a job offer at Blue Cross Blue Shield, I am currently working for some other company, I was looking for another job coz I think my current job is a dead end type. But since it’s recession, do you think I should move on to Blue Shield…I mean, how secure will I be there?

Very secure. Way, secure.

The only effect that recession has on insurance companies, is that the rates will go up.

See, insurance companies make most of their money from their investments – the RESERVES. They use a lot of that to subsidize claim payouts, and keep the rates lower for the customers. When the market goes down, the investment income goes down, so there’s less money to subsidize rates, and premiums go up.

The average Health Insurance Company pays out $.99 in claims for every $1 they take in. Administrative expenses – like your potential salary – are paid out of reserve income.

No worry. You’ll be as secure there as anywhere – people will KEEP buying Health Insurance.

Blue Cross Blue Shield

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