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Cheap Health Insurance California

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cheap health insurance california
Health Insurance for baby and me?

We just moved to Illinois ( near St Louis) from California and I’m having a hard time finding insurance. I was on medi-cal in California due to pregnancy being a “pre existing” condition and my husband’s insurance wouldn’t do anything about it. I keep getting the run around when I call the state insurance out here. I’m just wondering if any of you live out here or have any good information on where I can go or what insurance I can get on for cheap. I’m almost 29 weeks and I need to get into the doctor ASAP! Any information would be extremely helpful!
Our income flucuates due to work so I’m hoping we can qualify for it. I’ve looked into maternity advantage. Have any of you used them or know anyone who has?
Mr. Awesome..really? Get a life.
Mr. Awesome. I’m married. Worked government jobs and now a stay at home mom with my son. My husband works and after the baby his insurance will cover me. It’s people like you who don’t deserve the insurance that’s given to you.

I’d get the name of your husband’s plan. Pregnancy cannot be considered a preexisting condition for any group plan, group plans have to accept everyone. Private insurance is another story, they can deny you for asthma.

I’m in charge of the Health Insurance plans at my company and was worried about the same thing. I spoke to all the big ones, Blue Shield, Blue Cross, Health Net, Kaiser, they cannot turn down any eligible employee for any reason on a group plan. I know, I’ve gotten people with cancer on our plan, my daughter’s asthma is covered, when I first joined and was pregnant, they picked it up.

However, they can refuse to pay for preexisting if they have a waiting period for preexisting conditions. Even then they can’t turn you down. Some require 6 months to a year before they start paying for preexisting conditions. That doesn’t mean you can’t get coverage though.

Get the full policy information for your husbands plan and speak to HR. Insurance is tricky, what’s on the surface isn’t all there is.

There has to be some kind of Medi-cal there. Try these sites

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