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Affordable Dental Insurance for my two year old?

I am trying to find a Good Dental Insurance online for my son.
I have came across a company called careington, but heard their discounts are never to be seen after you get things done.
Does Metlife cover children?
Anything helps! I’m trying to find something that isn’t tricare related, he has regular tricare insurance, but takes forever for paperwork to go through, needing somethign fast and cheap…thanks.

Careington is not insurance; it’s a discount plan. However, if you need something “fast” you may be better off with Careington (and the maybe or maybe not discounts) because most dental insurance will have a waiting period of 6 to 12 months or longer for most procedures. Have you checked dental schools? You can get good service at a reasonable cost by students who are supervised by dentist. You can find the nearest school here:

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