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Individual Health Insurance

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Health Insurance Companies In Texas

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health insurance companies in texas
Texas Group Health Insurance, any experts?

We have a prospect who works for a company which would be considered a small group. All of the employees in this group have decided to not go with the companies health care policy. Instead, most of the employees have gone with personal, Individual Health Plans. This has become a problem for our prospect who could really use the benefits that are offered by group health care. Are there any laws against all these employees having Individual Health Plans? They’re not on their spouses employee plans either, their on just Individual Plans. If there are any rules or state laws can you please point me in the right direction?

The only way the employees are REQUIRED to join the group Health Plan for work, is if the employer pays 100% of the premium.

On average, that’s $350 per person, per month.

Otherwise, you can’t make the employee join the group Health Plan. Sorry.

Texas Farm Bureau Insurance – Insurance, Waco, TX

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