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Health promotion – the right way!

Looking at the conditions in the field of health promotion, so read to find the last decade has been significantly strengthened efforts to encourage a higher level of physical activity in everyday life. A change took place in the movement-related public health recommendations. This proclaimed the beginning of the 90 years for adults at least 3 times a week a special health-oriented fitness training, whereas nowadays is at least 30 minutes moderate activity on most days of the week is recommended. Science also deals more with the theme “active lifestyle”, for example, to go through the integration of movement in everyday life or conscious awareness of opportunities to walk or ride a bike. 

In the next paragraph, in fact so common terms in health and sport are explained in more detail. These are consistent with the remarks of Abu-Omar and Ruetten (2006, sports or physical activity in everyday life?) At. During physical activity refers to the skeletal muscles induced by exercise, which leads to an increase in energy consumption over the basal metabolic rate. Healthy physical activity is an umbrella term for any form of physical activity that promises to provide health benefits and does not involve excessive risk to health. For the concept of sports, there are countless definitions and explanations. Roughly described, you can view sports as a subset of physical activity, and physical performance, competition, and in many cases also the joy of movement are characteristics of the sport. The Health Sports is located at the intersection of sports and health system. He is highly structured and focused on the health effects on physical activity. Its objectives include the strengthening of physical and psychosocial resources, prevention of risk factors, management of health complaints, sportsmanship and commitment to health improvement in the movement conditions. 

Loss weight – the right way

Having created the basic concepts in health Sports clarity, are hereinafter referred to scientific evidence presented in this section. Among other things, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has (1996, Physical activity and health) have shown that physical activity reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes mellitus type II and may be able to increase life expectancy. In addition, improve bone density and condition of the musculoskeletal system, which can increase the skills of everyday movements in the elderly. Positive effects of physical activity on the well-being and quality of life are also shown. Recent research findings also show a strong link between frequent walking and a lower percentage of body fat, lower blood pressure and reduced risk for cardiovascular disease (Baumann, 2004, Updating the evidence that physical activity is good for health; Thompson, Rakow, Perdue, 2004 , women Relationship between accumulated walking and body composition in middle-aged).Based on these and other results hardens the assumption that the increased number of overweight and obesity affected not by the decline of the sport, but the everyday activities due (Brownson, Boehmer, Luke, 2005, Declining rates of physical activity in the United States ). Therefore, a heightened sports prevent weight gain, but should be complemented by measures that affect the everyday lives. Correlations between general sports, physical and mental health were not yet proven until now. In contrast, a specific health benefit of health programs is clearly documented. So in this area were lasting effects, based on physical fitness and mental health, noted (Brehm, Wagner, Sygusch, 2005, Health promotion by means of health sport). That medical advice about physical activity and sport affect the behavior of the patients there is no clear evidence (Eden, Orleans, Mulrow, 2002, Does counseling by clinicians improve physical activity?). 

In Germany, the conditions for the expansion of quality-assured health programs in recent years have been further improved. Continues to serve as the cornerstone of the organized voluntary sector and the existing quality seal for maintaining fitness of major sports associations are proving to be very helpful. The Health Sports presents itself not only the professional and amateur sport as the third major area, with lots of potential. It will be interesting to see how the participating sectors eg use the manufacturer of sporting goods and sports apparel that area and whether a development of new products, such as Sports shoes,

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