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Individual Health Insurance

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Cheapest Health Insurance Australia

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cheapest health insurance australia
Does anyone want to sell me their imovane or strong sleepers? or xanax or valium. Valium is a last resort…?

anyone in australia, or overseas even, doesnt matter, i need them. I cant get to a doctor, doctors cost a fortune anyway, i dont have private Health Insurance, i would even consider using online pharmacies. So obviously it would have to be a cheap place online. Anyone? So if u have: Imovane/ zoplicone I would like to buy them from you. If you have xanax or valium, i will buy these from u as well. If u would rather send me a private message, do so. I will still give u the points, dont worry about that, so come on people.. there must be someone out there! one last thing, please dont answer my question with a thousand more. cheers.

oh shush. if you’re going to top yourself, stop whining on about it.

For cheap drugs just use an online pharmacy and stop pining for attention on here you nob

hope this helped
Ji x

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